Monday, 26 November 2012

Is this the end?

Throughout this whole course or subject, I learned so many new and different things. Whether it is something about my studies or life in general, it still remains inconclusive. But for what I know, it is something I experienced in the class that can definitely remain as a memory to remember. The activities we did. The group work and many more can only be treasured when I looked back, because it is now, nothing more, but a distant memory.

To end my post for this term, I would love to bid farewell to all my readers but not without thanking my beloved lecturer, Madam Baiti, who has taught me and the class the value of life without us really noticing it. Madam, you deserve a special thanks from me. To end this, I would like to insert a poem by Queen Lydia Kamakaeha Lili'uokalani:

Farewell to thee, farewell to thee
Thou charming one who dwells in shaded bowers
One fond embrace ere I depart
Until we meet again

Is K-Pop a global issue?

K-Pop? What exactly is K-Pop? Well, I know one thing, it's a pain in the *** the way I see it. Fans would queue for so many hours to see their idols, while the hardcore ones would simply "overnight" in front of the ticket booth. Majority would spent most of their days in front of the laptop or television to ogle these so called "hot" Koreans. Not just K-Pop, but Koreans are the issue here. From their songs, looks and acting, people are slowly become obsessed, forget about to actually enjoy themselves.

The obsession didn't just stop there. A couple of cases where fans actually killed themselves when the K-Pop artist committed suicide when they're too stress perhaps. How can someone from just any Korean band have effect on the society nowadays? It is not just about suicide. Some would gladly do anything for them. Try and ask them to lay on the street for the artist to walk on them like a red carpet? I would bet a 100 bucks that they're willing to do that...

How did K-Pop sensation effects the male in general? I would say, the hairstyles, the way they dresses, the way they speak among their peers and of course some just simply became more "gay" or I love to use the term "jambu air" to describe these males that are so trying hard to look like these K-Pop artists.

So the question remains, will this issue will ever be resolves? With all these hardcore fans still in the K-Pop world of "fantasy", hardly in the real world, will this ever remain as a global issue? Only time will tell.

Dumb Ways to Die

Dumb Ways to Die... I think it's a wonderful video. It creates awareness, which is good, but not all people will think that way.. Perhaps, it's because of the title. So people will quickly judge about the video, thinking that "oh, that's just lame to produce that kinda song", so the title is off somehow.

But in my opinion, the animated video was the perfect choice to make it "less violence" and despite the title, it has many meanings to it. True that the title makes it sound that the song or video an R-rated but with the help of some cartoon and a relatable cheery song it makes it enjoyable experience to watch. If you ask me, the actual meaning of the song is more on telling us that why would you want to die in the dumbest way possible when there are a much easier ways to die. What I'm trying to explain is, the video/song is trying to convey us a message on live our life to the fullest; that's where the cartoon came in. Life is colourful. Why die, when you have a life to live? That's why they purposely named the title "Dumbest Ways to Die." At least that's what I think.

And if I were given a chance to rename the song, I wouldn't. I would stick to the original title since it brings a lot of deeper meaning. It makes people think. And the cons of this video, well, maybe it's too cheery. So, in the end the message is more for the children instead of the adults since I myself find the video an amusement, then what will rest of the adults think? So yeah. That's my opinion. Cheers!

Test? Testing testing... 1, 2, 3...

How do students feel about test? Or something simpler, like pop quiz perhaps? Some would be gleeful about it since when you said test, there won't be a class or lesson... Well, usually... So, in short, test is stress! Only if you don't study. Whether it is a stress or not, it depends on each individual. For me, well personally I don't hate test that much. It tests my knowledge and memory. So I'm fine with test.

And for this class, we had our first very english test. Midterm test to be exact. I was okay. Prepared for it. But what I wasn't prepared was, the question that they gonna ask. And who would believe that they asked about that blundering Justin Bieber? EWWW!!! DISGUSTING! Blurgh!! Why must it be on him? Went I looked at the question, I quickly answered, never want to read anything about that "gay" boy!

But the rest of the questions was okay. Again, graph was there, but I don't expect anything less than that. It was a really nice test to say the least, well minus BIEBER! Anyways, cheers!

Another reason to hate math: Graph!

One thing about me: I hate Maths and will forever hate it! But this graph in this english was lucky not to be "burned" by me. It was part of english, so I let it go. Well, barely. This time around, we don't learn just about graph. We learn how to obtain information from the graphs. Well, something like that. So, here we are, doing a module "assignment' of some sort for the day. You know, analyse the chart and the graph and produce a report based on it (I like to think that way).

Based on the module given, tips have been given on how to actually tackle the question. Yes, tackling. A step-by-step guide was also given on describing the chart movements and what not. Not to mention, useful phrases to describe chart movements; something like increased, went up, boomed, bla bla bla. They even have on describing the degree and speed of change! So to say the least, these so called tips saved the paper from getting "burned" by me because it is never about the numbers, it's about the report and the situation as whole. The graph is just a mere illustration to make things clearer and more interesting so that we won't fall asleep just by reading the question. Cheers!

PR: A lot less drama?

Does anyone really knows what PR does actually in their daily life? Well, besides helping artists and their dramas... Anyone really? Well of what I know, Public Relations (PR) is the practice of managing the flow of information between an individual or organization and the public. Well, if you guess this right, then a round of applause!

Now, the class start of by having a play/drama. We chose PR because it was really easy since PR is a lot of "a drama kinda job," so it was quite easy to think about the script while put everything into play. Nana was the main character (the artist), Faza is her manager/publicist who works as Nana's well, practically everything: from the manager to her publicist to her PA and to her servant at some point perhaps? Anyways, Min was the reporter/journalist, the so called "Mak Joyah" of the play, you know "Inspector 5 Star Kepoci" and I'm the TV host, also a "kepoci".

Basically, the message that we are trying to convey in the act is that when you work as a PR, you tend to "lie" to some certain extent to clear up people's name. That's part of the job. But lying is not really the word. It's more of manipulating, tricking the public about their clients. Tell the public good things about their clients to clear up their names and so on. So there you have it. just a stint on what PR does for a living especially the ones that are working for the artist. Cheers!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Modals are essential?

Again. New activities. New everything? Okay. Perhaps so. What now? Modals. What are modals? Modals are special verbs which behave very irregularly in English language (I second that). How many types are there basically? Well, if it isn't lucky number 5! And what are there exactly? Oh, here they are:

  1. Certainty
  2. Probability
  3. Possibility
  4. Doubt
  5. Impossibility

The head doesn't look really appetizing doesn't it? Well, trust me. It is not. At first. But as the lesson progresses, it was a lot of fun. We did sorts of fun "activities" on modals like listening to "It Will Rain" by Bruno Mars and figure out some part of the lyrics with modals and later change the modals from the lyrics into something more interesting. Like changing the whole meaning of the song!

And then there would be this thingy where we have to use modals to describe about our future. Well, something like that. I can't really recall. But whatever it is, this modals can be pretty annoying since it can change the original meaning to a whole lot of another meaning if the modals were not use correctly!
But it is something to learn in the process. Cheers!